Get Creative With Handmade Christmas Cards

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a handmade well thought out Christmas card. It’s always been a yearly tradition in my household that I grew up doing with my mum and sister. You can be as creative as you like from upcycling your old Christmas cards or starting from scratch and making your own graphics […]

I Shaved My Legs For Cycling And It Turned Out To Be A Catastrophe

Yes I took the plunge and shaved my legs in aid of cycling, mainly to look more pro and possibly to show off a bit of muscle I’ve gained from all the riding (but don’t tell anyone that).    I now wish that I did not bother as it turned out to be one painful […]

The Road To Skegness – The Day Before

Wow, it’s the day before the ride already. That has come around quickly! What was a countdown of a year quickly became a few months, then weeks, days and now it’s a matter of hours before the ride. I’m feeling confident with the amount of training I’ve done, however there’s always that voice in the […]