About Me

I’m Miles Cant a Web Developer and Designer based in Leicester, I’m currently working as a Web Developer at the wonderful quirky gift company Ohh Deer.

This is my personal blog where I’ll be tapping away at my keyboard and hopefully writing awesome stuff and sharing a little bit about me.

I’m 21 years old, I cycle a lot, have an extensive shirt collection (I’m talking over a 100 shirts, I’ve completely lost count, maybe I’ll count them one day?) and listen to way too much music but don’t play enough tennis (I used to love the sport but cycling has taken over).

I absolutely love pizza, and milkshakes, on the subject of food I’m an extremely fussy eater and suffer from the wonderful IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), please note the sarcasm there.

Oh and my favourite colour is red. That’s all I can think of for here for now, sorry it’s not more exciting…