Get Creative With Handmade Christmas Cards

Nothing says Merry Christmas more than a handmade well thought out Christmas card. It’s always been a yearly tradition in my household that I grew up doing with my mum and sister. You can be as creative as you like from upcycling your old Christmas cards or starting from scratch and making your own graphics for an even more personal touch.

There’s nothing more exciting than giving an unexpected Christmas card and then when the lucky recipient opens it seeing their face light up with joy. It’s worth all the time and effort you put into making them just for that, and of course you’re spreading the Christmas cheer and joy at the same time!

All you really need to get started is a lot of creativity, some old Christmas cards and double-sided sticky pads all of which can be purchased from the poundshop (well maybe not creativity?), for the more personal touch a printer and something like Photoshop to help you make the graphics you want, if you don’t have Photoshop then go ahead and use Photopea, it’s just like Photoshop but it’s free!

Here’s some of the cards I made this year, I hope this gives you inspiration to give it a go (If you’re doing it this year hurry a long it’s not long until Santa will be here!) its great fun and I find it rather therapeutic making them. For maximum creativity and Christmas spirit have your favourite christmas playlist playing whilst you’re getting down and creative.

(Sorry in advance for the bad photo’s I’m not the best at taking photos)

The Nightmare Before Christmas Themed Card


This one took me ages to make as I had to cut out all of the pieces and I also added some special touches inside (pictured below). This was one I really enjoyed making since I’m a fan of the nightmare before christmas myself!


Hamilton The Musical Themed Card

This one required a bit of Photoshop magic, I thought Santa was a must on the star beings as it’s Christmas, I also enjoyed singing a long to the soundtrack whilst making it (it did however double the amount of time it took to make the card but was totally worth it). Another card where special touches inside were a must (pictured below).


A Special Chocolate Themed One (Lindt Lindor)


What’s better than a Christmas card that comes with some of your favorite chocolates on? This was one of the hardest one’s I had to make mainly because of resisting the urge to eat the chocolate.


Dog Lover Themed Cards


Don’t just have any dog on them, have their dog on them! Photoshopping Christmas hats on dogs was rather fun (call me barking mad if you must).


Running Joke Themed Cards


We all have friends and family that we have running jokes with, it might not make sense to anyone else but this card was hilarious to make and got a lot of laughs.

I made many more of these cards however I did not take pictures of them all or I’ve excluded them from here because I’ve not given them to the people yet (that would be a right spoiler right?).

Thanks for checking these cards out, Merry Christmas.