I Broke My Friends Bike

Yes you read that right in the title, I broke my friends bike. This was a recent occurrence that happened on Thursday night. Earlier on in the week I offered to take my friends bike into a local bike shop for a service so it’s in tip-top shape for an upcoming charity bike ride we have coming up, we took it in and left it with the bike shop for them to sort out over the next few days.

A few days pass and Thursday arrives, the day where it all goes wrong for me. I got back from work and the bike was ready to pick up, we go down and get it and everything is now all good and the wheels are all in true, everything is clean and working perfectly. I drop it back to my friend’s house and I’m getting the bike out of the back of the car, get the rear wheel on the bike all fine. I go back to get the front wheel but then as I come back with it I slip down on the side of the curb and my foot falls into the rear wheel that had just been put on, unfortunately it had a noticeable wobble and bend in it, OOPS! Ironically this wheel had just been trued since it was out balance before.

We go back to the bike shop to see if they can work some magic on the wheel to undo the damage done and unfortunately the wheel is totalled and is a write off. £112 later and a new wheel is on its way, that was an expensive accident.

I’m pleased to say we’re still friends but feel like I’m never going to live this down, that and me never being able to clip in first time on my bike which is a running joke.

I feel like only this sort of thing could only happen to me, I also thought bad luck was reserved for Friday 13th?