The Road To Skegness – The Big Day

After all the waiting and anticipation for the ride the big day had finally arrived! It was well worth the wait and was a fantastic day out on the bike and all for a great cause helping Loros raise vital funds.

It turns out the training I had done had been enough and I made it to the finish line in one piece. I still look back on it in amazement that in the morning we’re in Leicester then by early afternoon in Skegness by the beach enjoying chips, milkshakes and all other well deserved sugary goodies.

I made a slight mistake of riding a bit too fast at the start of the ride but it did help make the first 30 miles fly by, however I suffered 40 miles in and was zapped of energy and very close to bonking, after a 30 minute pit stop at the side of the road, plenty of fluids and food I was back on the road, I made it to the second pit stop and then the rest of the ride flew by and to my own amazement I was feeling good again and made it to the finish!

I finished it in a much quicker time than I had planned which was great, I’m not the fastest rider so was expecting to be in Skegness by 4-5pm or later if it had been a terrible day but to get there just gone 2pm was an amazing feeling and real sense of achievement. This was one of my longest rides I’ve done after been into cycling for just over a year and was also my longest ride at a higher average speed for the distance which was great, the route was relatively flat but was still a challenge for the distance.

Some of the straights were long and challenging at times (challenging because it’s just straight roads with no end in sight and even though you’re making progress you feel like you’re not making any) and the section into Boston felt like it was going on forever! Luckily there was lots of other great riders out on the roads to chat with and also to motivate each other. It’s always fun to pass some fellow riders for them to later pass you for you, to then pass them again and before you know it the finish line is ahead.

Here’s the ride upload on Strava:

Here’s some photo’s from the event day:

Check out all the event pictures from Loros here –

Thanks again to everyone that’s donated to me and also wished me words of encouragement, we’ve raised a whopping £260 for Loros which is definitely going to help them make a difference. It’s not too late to donate and you still can do so here despite the event being over –

I’ll definitely be doing this again next year for sure, it was an amazing event that was well organised throughout and a great route, who wouldn’t want to cycle to the seaside for a great charity?