The Road To Skegness – The Day Before

Wow, it’s the day before the ride already. That has come around quickly! What was a countdown of a year quickly became a few months, then weeks, days and now it’s a matter of hours before the ride.

I’m feeling confident with the amount of training I’ve done, however there’s always that voice in the back of your head questioning if what you’ve done is enough, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

My emotions are mixed at the moment with excitement, doubt and also some nerves, a good healthy combination though and hopefully the adrenaline on the day paired with the right fuelling and training I’ve already put in will have me sailing to the finish line (well pedalling unless I’m attempting this in a pedal boat which won’t get me far).

I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of all who know me and have donated to raise over £200 for Loros which is really going to make a difference within the charity and help improve the end of life care for terminally ill. Thanks once again for everyone that has donated. Below is an example of how far the money will go for helping others.

The final touches have now been done, bikes nice and clean, bags are packed, alarms are set for the morning (a very early awakening). All that’s left is a quick prayer to the cycling gods for some nice weather and for a safe journey for all taking part, oh and not forgetting for our legs to work well for the day and not give in on us!

Here’s the route I’ll be doing for those that are interested:

Stay tuned as I’ll be posting updates on how the ride went.

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